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    @roswellstrange So great to see you here!

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    Wow! Guess what? I just unlocked my "getting into blogging" achievement. It's awarded after five blog posts. Wow. Thanks for this acknowledgement. What kind of acknowledgement badge comes after 1652 blog posts?

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    Hey everyone! What's in your cup? Here is a pic of my most recent acquisition while on vacation.

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    I am drinking tea. Right now. Trust me on this. #permanentstatusupdate

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    @jackie update with an interesting article about placebo effect. it's really a lot more than the placebo effect people usually talk about... and if you have heard enough about expensive teas, probably you can relate it to tea! ;-) http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/99532.php

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    WHAT IS THIS? WHAT IS THAT? WHA--*stumbles over shiny new unexpected site* *faceplants*

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    The magic of tea. In one cup, I can go from Istanbul to Saigon and then to Korea.

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    I read on twitter that @the_devotea's and @teatrade are chatting away. Oh to be a butterfly on that cup!

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    Reader poll: Pretend you're in a bookstore, and you happen by a section dubbed "Tea Fiction". There are two anthologies that catch your eye. The first one is a collection of tea-infused stories filled with magical creatures and undead Scottish botanists. The second is a collection of stories centered around a James Bond-ish/Indiana Jones-ish tea consultant. Which one would you choose?

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    @lazyliteratus I was looking over your site and I thought to myself that it should be updated with a modern theme. The theme you have is one of our older ones and is not usable on mobile phone. Google is punishing sites that are not mobile-friendly. I have something in mind that I want to upgrade it to, but I need your permission first. I do think that desk theme looks cool, it is pretty dated. I know you are traveling, but let me know when you get a chance and we can talk about upgrading your site to something nice and modern.



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