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    - "Drinking my first Vietnamese tea today, a green called Purple Rain from Hatvala. Soft, vegetal and reminds me of a young Sheng Crimson Lotus Tea sent me called whispering sunshine oddly enough. Pretty tasty."View

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    - "Reader poll: Pretend you’re in a bookstore, and you happen by a section dubbed “Tea Fiction”. There are two anthologies that catch your eye. The first one is a collection of tea-infused stories filled with […]"View

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    - "I am drinking tea. Right now. Trust me on this. #permanentstatusupdate"View

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    - "Currently reading: Puer Tea: Ancient Caravans and Urban Chic. Currently drinking: Murchie’s tippy assam. Currently should be doing but am vehemently avoiding: Statistical calculus."View

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    - "I will have a cup of tea while watching @thedevotea play against Earl Grey tonight."View

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    - "Has anyone heard from @xavier? I tried to contact him through Twitter with no luck. I just want to be sure he is safe."View

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    - "@gingko – I can see you dropped by here on Tea Trade, how are you? It’s been so long since we last chatted. How are things going for you? So good to see your name pop up again."View

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    - "Wow! Guess what? I just unlocked my “getting into blogging” achievement. It’s awarded after five blog posts. Wow. Thanks for this acknowledgement. What kind of acknowledgement badge comes after 1652 blog posts?"View

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    - "testing…"View

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    - "A small announcement. I’ve moved Tea Trade on its final move to a new server, with a different company. Sorry that it has taken so long for this update. @liberteas I’ve already updated your domain name so it […]"View

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    - ""View

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    - "@jackie update with an interesting article about placebo effect. it’s really a lot more than the placebo effect people usually talk about… and if you have heard enough about expensive teas, probably you can […]"View

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    - "I read on twitter that @the_devotea’s and @teatrade are chatting away. Oh to be a butterfly on that cup!"View

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    - "@roswellstrange So great to see you here!"View

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    - "Nice chart"View

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