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    Ha. Bet we’ve all had a moment of doubt:




  • I don’t care much about comments but I’m addicted to checking the daily number of visitors!

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    Oh, then there is nothing wrong with you… ;)

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    How do you know who’s “real” and who’s a bot @riccaicedo? Or a spammer? Do you filter them out? Just curious.

  • @jackie I don’t get many comments, bots or human. The way I filter bots is by using the Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin. It adds a box that one must check to prove that you’re not a bot.

    I recognize spammers by the user name and I also check their site. But as I told you before, days can go by without a single comment.

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    @riccaicedo – That’s interesting but I didn’t actually mean the comments, I meant the visitors to your site. How do you filter bots/spam visits from your analytics?

  • @jackie I hadn’t given much thought about that, since my site is fairly new. I just read an article about it

    and it seems that it happens in spikes. I don’t have such big spikes so perhaps my bots aren’t that many :)

    Anyway, unless I’m mistaken there really is no surefire way to get “clean” analytics, even the unique visitor count can easily be flawed. For example, if I come to this page through my iphone, then read again in my computer (I usually do so), it appears as two unique visitors even though I’m the same person.

    I guess what matters is the general trend, if traffic keeps continuously rising it must be a good thing, even with bots and all. If I had a product, sales would also be a good indicator.

    Are you filtering bots in any way?

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    @riccaicedo @bram them I am not normal? Should I worry? ;P

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    @Xavier Nope, just join the club ;)

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    @bram I don’t know why but I am not really in the mood to do so. ;)

  • I tried to add a new topic but keep getting a “404 Error” so I’ll just add my questions here.

    These questions are for my fellow bloggers out there…

    1. Do you prefer publishing new blog posts at certain times of the day or days of the week? Or do you just post as you go?

    2. Do you write your posts in advance for later publication?

    3. Do you get writers block and if so how do you snap out of it?

    Thanks in advance for answering.

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    Still trying to find my rhythm :)

    ad1) I aim for once every two weeks. Usually on a Thursday. But I’m not strict. Time of day: when I feel like it.

    ad2) I write when I have a time-inspiration combination. Sometimes I publish directly, other times I keep them for a later date to help me keep up to my once every two weeks. Especially when I write multiple posts a day.


    ad3) Ideas and inspiration are usually no problem. Actually ideas are but that is of the too many kind. Time and energy combination problems are too often a problem.  That is: sometimes I have the time, but not the energy and vice versa.


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    Thanks @iheartteas for posting this here. I’ll ask @peter look into the 404 error later. I got it too.
    My question to you is, how do you go about it?
    As to me, everyone knows I have a blog that sees posts every couple of months. I have ideas all the time, but I get so caught up in everyone else’s blogs, that mine usually takes a back seat. If it’s not the blogs, it’s everything else on our site.
    I hope to get to it more. I have many photos that are waiting to be published. Back in the fall @peter and I took a whole series of tea pics in our botanical gardens because we enjoyed Bram’s hiking tea posts so much. Are they up on my site yet? Nope. Oh, and then there’s the post about our trip to Charlottesville. It’s a brilliant post too. But it’s not up. Yet. Now back to looking at everyone else’s blogs..: )

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    In other words: we should stop writing so you can…. ;)

  • It does sound that way doesn’t @Bram LOL :)

    As for me it helps that I like to talk a lot and most everyone physically around me doesn’t really care what I have to say but do a great job pretending they do. So blogging for like minded individuals finally gives me a voice. Plus when I get comments and my analytics show decent numbers I have to think maybe I am a little interesting especially since those online don’t need to hear me ramble but they do because they want to. So the more comments and higher the analytics the bigger my ego gets. Soon I’ll be a monster!

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    To the three people who read my blogs, Thank you ;-)

  • Profile photo of Jackie Jackie

    My lovely @jopj there are more than 3 people who read your blog, but it would help if you shared the secret that you write such lovely posts :) Twitter for example is a great place to point them to your gems!

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