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    I’ve opened up the forums to everyone to test things out to see how well it goes with guest/anonymous posting. I’ll probably let this go about a week to see how things go.

    Non-logged in guests are now able to post new topics and reply to topics in the forums. These posts will be marked for moderation and won’t be viewable until we check them. Once a guest poster has been moderated once, that poster (based on name/email/IP address) will not be held again.

    This will run for about a week or two and then I’ll make another decision on it. The only issue I’m concerned with is spam, but we’ve got some pretty powerful spam protection already and I’ll add more if needed.

    Guests will only be able to post in the forums, but if they register they will be able to:
    ~ Post activity updates to the activity stream
    ~ Connect with and communicate privately with other members using Tea Trade’s social network
    ~ Post comments quickly and easily to any blog on the network
    ~ Create a website (there is no limit on the number of websites a member can have and these can be blogs, wikis, etc.)
    ~ Build an online store and sell tea or tea-related products

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