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    *In one of those twitter “Tea time dailies” I came across a link to a New Zealand Herald article that @teaguy tweeted out. “Caviar chips and green tea Oreos.” It’s an interesting look at why certain food flavors work better in some parts of the world, and not in others. I have to say I’m quite envious of the Chinese Oreos (even though I’m not really a big fan of the brand.) Maybe I just think the plain cream flavor is boring, and mango or green tea sounds more appealing. Caviar chips – popular in Russia – sound interesting too. I’m not really much of snack food lover, but I enjoyed the article, wishing we introduced some of those flavors here too.

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    I can’t help it. One of my passions is understanding the sometimes simple differences in peoples. It’s what drives my interest in tea!

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    *I have very conflicting feelings about oreos. I remember there was a time period I love them and ate them every day! But in recent years, I feel it’s invading Chinese diet while a lot of Americans are shifting to healthy food. It has very aggressive commercial campaign going on in China now. But actually as a company, that’s very natural behavior. I think I’m more mad at Chinese parents who receive it as a fashion and let their kids eat a lot of it. A few years ago, I saw from a TV show that oreos in China was made less sweet than the same products in America. But I don’t know if they are going to make them sweeter and sweeter in China too.

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