Can you make tea out of coffee?

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    This topic has been quite popular in the Twitter universe today.

    And I think it brings us back to an old topic we discussed a while back: what is tea?

  • Profile photo of riccaicedo Riccaicedo
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    At the end of the day what people will care about is if it tastes good or not. According to the article it’s not very promising…

    I don’t know what the caffeine content of a coffee leaf is, but if it’s rather high, that will add an extra bitterness to the resulting brew.

    I’ll like to try it, just out of curiosity.

  • Profile photo of xavier Xavier
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    My problem is that it is not tea.

  • Profile photo of bram Bram
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    Can you make tea of mint? Yes if tisanes are considered tea, no if they ain’t.  Now would coffee-leaves make a good tisane? I don’t know. Might be better than that from that other part.

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    Somehow I missed this interesting discussion, here’s another “Tea from coffee-leaves” link. This time it’s from India’s Deccan Chronicle 

  • Profile photo of riccaicedo Riccaicedo
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    Has anyone tried it?

  • Profile photo of xavier Xavier
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    I don’t drink herbal teas so I won’t start with a coffee tea.

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