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    Bloggers and those who comment on blogs, here’s a question for you inspired by a discussion with Alex of the rather fine RateTea

    For bloggers: Do you instantly release comments, or do you hold all comments in “pending” before publishing them? Why the preference for the method you choose?

    For those commenting on blog posts: How do you feel about commenting on blogs that don’t publish your replies right away, but require moderator approval first? Do you have a preference?



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    Personally I like having comments made on the blog as “pending” first. There’s so many spammers out there! Although I must admit I do like it when my comments on others blogs go up straight away. I think the system we’ve got on here (I assume it’s the same for everyone) where you only have to approve someone’s first comment is probably the best and easiest way to deal with it. That way I can keep the blog spam free without having to worry about any of the regular people who comment getting lost…

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    I let them publish directly. This is what I prefer as a commenter and as a moderator. Things might change if there are spamming problems, but for now this seems to work best.

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    I honestly did not even think to change the settings. That was how it was when I created the blog, and I didn’t touch it, although I figured it was in the admin settings somewhere. I like that I only have to approve one comment from someone before it auto-approves everything new from them afterwards.

    Since this site has a good group of regulars, I’m really not approving anything new too often, and only deleting the spam that makes it past the spam filter.

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    I always keep my comments as pending…I sometimes get a bit of spam on my blog…this way I can keep it tidy when I’m not there to moderate it. I have noticed that my blog will publish comments from folks I’ve already approved without my doing anything.

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