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    Is anyone on here thinking about giving teas to someone as a Christmas/holiday present? I’m just curious how many are considering buying tea for loved ones or friends. Perhaps you don’t know many other tea drinkers, so gifting is out, or maybe you have lots of tea guzzling friends who can’t wait for your annual package?

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    I think @kaylotta is giving me tea for Christmas (I have no idea why). Tea is…I dunno, I’d hesitate to give it as a gift. It’s like if you see a shirt or something and you think it would look great on somebody and you give it to them and they think it’s eyeball-melting. Tea, like fashion, is something best left for self-discovery. Maybe I’m just cheap, though….

    On the other hand, it can be nice to discover something new by way of a gift. Although I wouldn’t trust most of my friends to buy me tea… @kaylotta excepted, of course.

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    I don’t usually give tea as gifts to my family or my hubby’s family although I did one year when I first started my business… nobody really “got” it (tea to them was fannings and dust in the teabags from the yellow box), so, that holiday was kind of a bust.

    I am involved in a tea gift swap though, with one of the tea groups I’m involved in, so I am getting someone tea this year.  LOL  And I always get myself a gift of tea each year, because my hubby nor my children will get me such a gift, as they are under the odd impression that I don’t need any more tea.

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    I won’t be sending any tea to my friends from outer space. Those that are not on Tea Trade I mean. Silly people either don’t drink tea or if they do, then not with enough passion to find a leaf gift truly thrilling.  @liberteas: any thoughts on what tea you might splash out on this year? @happygaiwan: it’s nice @kaylotta is giving you tea. Wonder what she’ll choose.

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    As I said in my latest update, I will give tea to 2 people for Saint Nicolas but not for Christmas.

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