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    Hey everyone,

    We’ve got pretty good spammer protection on Tea Trade, but sometimes one or two manage to sneak through the barriers, and end up posting on blogs. This has caused some confusion as blog authors have inadvertently replied to these bogus posters.

    Here are a few tips to recognize whether or not the comment is genuine:
    Spammers write very generic stuff.  For example:

    “I really enjoyed your blog and wonder when you’ll be posting again.”

    “I wrote a long comment back but the system crashed when I tried to post.”

    “Interesting post but it doesn’t work on the Ipad”

    Sometimes they just leave a reply that doesn’t make sense at all. None whatsoever.

    If you don’t recognize the name of the person replying, mouse over the commenter’s name. If it’s a spammer you’ll see the link to their “Best Deals Ever” or whatever site. 🙂

    To delete the spam comment, go into your “dashboard” at the top, and click on “manage comments.” Mark comment as spam, and it will get deleted.

    Hope this helps.

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    @jackie makes a good point here

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    Anonymous @

    Thank you for pointing this out. I must admit I read the spam before deleting – some of it is so obv spam it’s amuses me to read it.

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    Anonymous @

    Great information! Thanks for sharing the tips.

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    Anonymous @

    Should we do a sort of self-policing thing, and report spam blogs?  ‘Cause this sure looks like one, here:

    Also, on the subject of amusing spam, check out Spamusement:
    Seriously.  Can be hit or miss, but is mostly hit, as far as I’m concerned.
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    We’ve got a pretty good anti-spam regime setup here. Pretty much all the robot spammers are blocked. Each day we get a handful of hired spammers who create new sites on the network manually. Many of those are flagged by our automated system either when they sign up, or when they start posting.

    The few that manage to sneak by our automated defenses, get tagged by Jackie or I each morning. We are both pretty diligent about checking for this each day, but our systems actually get better over time because they tap into an intelligent internet-wide databases that monitors IP addresses of spammers, and those databases grow a little each day.
    I appreciate spam reports, but don’t trouble yourself in reporting them too much, that’s our job and we like doing it. It’s part of keeping Tea Trade a nice place to be!
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    Anonymous @

    Ha ha, yeah; it’s like when a spam email has “spam” in the subject line… ???

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