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    A few years ago, a woman about 48 years in age came to me with a forlorn look on her face, it appeared she had visited with her doctor and found out she had aggressive osteoporosis and was told that in time her bones would be so fragile that her risk of fractures to her hip, spine, and wrist bones were inevitable. Not knowing anything about osteoporosis I pondered and began to search Google to see what I could find. Before too long, I found the word “Honeybush” show up several times in “results”.
    Quickly, I began to read about the potential benefit that this plant named Honeybush may have and I was very surprised at its potential health benefit. It stated that after research done through the University of the Orange Free State; Honeybush will assist in healing many ailments such as: breast, prostate and uterus cancer; works as an anti-depressant; anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, balances phyto-estrogen hormones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. When I relayed the information about reducing the risk of osteoporosis, she revelled with happiness; she blurted out “I will take 250 grams of this Honeybush right now” she said she will keep me posted with her doctor’s report. Two months later she came into my store with a glow on her face, I thought she may have received some hopeful medical information and I was right. Her latest report was that the osteoporosis had slowed down and he told her whatever she is doing not to stop as the prognosis was a bit hopeful.
    It has been 10 years since her first encounter with me and the progression of what is known as the “silent thief” has slowed down. Although she will never be cured of the bone disease, she genuinely is grateful that is under control and that she is not on as many medications as she was initially prescribed.
    Who knew this South African plant known as “Honeybush” could bring such hope and somewhat relief to a woman who was devastated with her diagnosis. Thank you Judy for your courage and willingness to rely on my tea knowledge.

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    Hi Alex (@Cazort) :
    Thanks for investigating my blog. I’m happy that what I blogged about is accurate and here is another site that you can visit with further information:tea-coffee-guru.com/tea/the-health-benefits-of-honeybush-tea/ Happy reading:-)

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