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    Something @vsopfables just said on @thedevotea‘s blog about naming teapots, made me wonder – does anyone else here name their tea pots? Tea cups? Cuddly cozies? Anyone got a favorite mug they’ve named Johnny Depp and take to bed every night? Confess! By the way, haven’t yet read Fay’s full comment, just saw it in the stream, and popped here first. Will read it now.

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    I have three tea pots and they all have names…

    Owen is my personaliTEA pot from Adagio, Squeaker is my Yixing pot, and Harmony is a ceramic tea pot (both from Teavana). I now have a Gaiwan, but I have yet to name it.

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    Anonymous @

    *I have named my yixing Oliver, since it’s cute and also an orphan since he doesn’t have any other yixings to keep company with.

    My bigger pots are just called Red Pot (since it is red, duh) and Dumb Pot (because it’s a terrible teapot, drips all over the place, I hate it). I have two other red pots that I don’t use for tea, really, so they don’t get names.

    My one gaiwan is called Fishy Lady due to it having fish on it. The other gaiwan I don’t use much so it goes nameless.

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    Robert Godden

    *I remember when Cyril, my glass teapot I used in many videos, broke. I actually got a condolence card.

    We currently have Arthur, Purdy and Doris as my go-to teapots. They have real character. I actually use tea glasses more and more these days, but they are unlikely to eve be named. All four look identical and it could lead to some hilarious mixups. Like being the father of identical quads in a sitcom.

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    I now feel terrible because we haven’t named a single one of our teapots. Not even our Breville, who has double duty as pot and kettle. I call our pots “the big red one” the “glass one I like using” the “glass one you like Pete” the “Breville” etc. Nothing romantic, or remotely funny. Now I can’t help wondering why do some people name their teapots, and others do not. And what does it mean if they do, or don’t? 

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