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      I’m just wondering, how do you manage to keep your blog posts fresh and meaningful? Do you ever feel you run out of topics, or things to say? Do you re-visit some favorite (or successful) topics, when you’re not sure what to write about next? Do you ever re-post?
      Fortunately, or unfortunately I don’t have that problem as I don’t post nearly often enough. What about the regulars though?

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      @jackie I only post once a week, so I don’t find it that hard to keep the posting schedule going.

      What I do is I keep notes on my cell phone whenever I get an idea, and that way I have many ideas before I start writing. I also read other people’s tea blogs as a source of ideas for future posts.

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      Great question. I suppose for me I just blog what I feel and I’m usually all over the place. Thus, a lot of fresh content. 🙂

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      Ideas are a problem, there are more than time-energy combinations permit me to develop.

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      Robert Godden

      I post what I want, when I want to post it, and I expect the world to be grateful.

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      I re-roast my content once every six years. That seems to help. Also, storing it in a cool, dry place.

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