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As part of a new project I’m developing for Tea Trade, I found I needed a new way to shorten long URLs. I wanted a new way, that was specific to Tea Trade, but didn’t carry the Tea Trade branding with it. This brought the birth of Tea Trade’s new integrated URL shortener:

Like the URL for Tea Trade itself, is a domain hack, which takes advantage of unique spellings for domain names. I think this one is really cool and I think it adds some cachet to Tea Trade and all of the sites on it. Yes, that is right – all of the websites hosted on Tea Trade now automatically, get their URLs shortened using our URL shortener. This includes both products and posts. Now any Tea Trade member with a website can share their posts and products without having to use the URL in Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, an email or any other place you share links.

What is a URL shortener?

A URL shortener creates a shorter, permanent link to URL address that makes it easier for sharing. For example, it takes this: and shortens it to this: Nice, isn’t it?

Now, I understand that there is and and available and that this is isn’t as short as those, but it is topical. It is about tea, and it is about your website, and your ability to promote it.

How do I get my short URL

The whole process is completely automated and I’ve integrated it with WordPress and Tea Trade’s internal shortlink process. When you are writing a post, the shortlink is created after you save it as a draft for the first time, or publish it. Once a post is saved the shortlink is created immediately. Your long URL is passed through our shortener a unique short URL is created for your post. To get it, simply click the Get Shortlink button which you will find on your post edit page in your dashboard, just beneath the area where you enter the title of your post.

Check out the image below for what it looks like:

The Get Shortlink button on the edit post page

When you click the button, a popup box will appear displaying your shortlink for you to copy and distribute however you like.


Get it working

It should be working with all the blogs and websites already. If it is not, the Get Shortlink button will not appear when you save a post, or you won’t see it on your older posts. If this happens to you, there is a simple step needed to get it working. You’ll need to rewrite your permalinks, but it is not as hard as it sounds. In your dashboard, go to Settings -> Permalinks and simply click save on the screen that appears. Clicking save re-saves the links on your website and in the process they get written again to the database.

Have questions?

This unique and topical, tea-related URL shortener is only available to Tea Trade members for their websites. There is no public place that can be used to shorten URLs using the domain name. This new feature gives us all a great new way to show off our tea enthusiasm in a way that no one else has access to! If you anyone has questions, thoughts or problems with this new feature, let me know in the comments below.


Peter Davenport is one of the founders of Tea Trade. In addition to building, enhancing and supporting Tea Trade and its members, he studies Business Administration and Management at American Public University with a focus on Entrepreneurial Studies and Enterprises.

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