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It started with a cup of Li Shan Oolong, an aroma cup and an idea. Born and raised in Taiwan, brother-sister team and founders Jeff and Heidi Chen think tea is more than a drink—it’s an adventure. Tea Ave reflects their shared values and passions: clear, authentic advice, a top-notch e-commerce experience, and, of course, delicious oolong tea.

We created Tea Ave to help tea experts and beginners alike find a source for high-quality, fresh oolong tea, straight from the best tea farms of Taiwan. In fact, we like oolong tea so much that it’s all we sell—pure oolongs, flower oolongs, and accessories for brewing. All of our oolongs are available as loose teas or in tea bags, and they’re always free from artificial flavorings (we think they’re plenty tasty on their own).



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