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Become a Tea Trader and sell tea in the new Tea Trade Marketplace

Join now and get started, existing members can create a new website or instantly upgrade their current Tea Trade website!

Tea Traders get access to premium, professionally developed themes, powerful plugins and much to help them create great looking and high-performing websites. Check out some of the Tea Trader features below.


Tea’s Social Marketplace

Sell tea in the popular Tea Trade Marketplace. Tea Traders get access to powerful e-commerce software that handles orders, inventory, and lets you set shipping charges for anywhere from anywhere in the world. Own your own webstore, right within your own Tea Trade blog or website. To make it even better, whenever you add a product to your storefront, it is automatically added to the Tea Trade Marketplace giving you more exposure and more customers. **Additional fees apply, see below



Premium Themes

Get access to dozens of professionally designed themes to create a great-looking website that suits you. The full-featured themes we offer give the ability to customize fonts, colors and more. These themes are created by some of the most talented WordPress theme designers and often cost hundreds of dollars to purchase or license. We make them available to you as part of your Tea Trader membership.




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Powerful Plugins

Plugins add useful and powerful features to your website, giving you more control over how it looks, what it can do and what you can with it.

Here’s just a few of the plugins available for Tea Traders:

  • Custom CSS –  Add custom styles and take control of the look of your website
  • Dynamic Widgets – Control your layout. Decide when, where and for whom your content is displayed.
  • Favicons – Add the final polish to your website by displayed your logo in your visitor’s browser window.
  • SEO – Get fine-tuned Search Engine Optimization with the industy’s leading SEO software!

Tea Trader is for bloggers too!

BloggersThe advanced website features and premium themes are perfect for tea bloggers who want to take their blog to the next level.

Tea Trader will let you give your blog an appearance and feel that draws readers in and presents your writing, tea reviews, and tea-related content in the best possible way. Give your blog a professional, polished look and help it get found with the detailed SEO options. Customize your premium theme to suit your image, brand or look.

Become a Tea Trader and start selling tea now!

Join now and get started, existing members can create a new website or instantly upgrade their current Tea Trade website!


** There is a 6% fee for each transaction in a Tea Trade Network store