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    Interesting article about tea in Pakistan. @bram @xavier you’ll like this too. It says Pakistanis are “now officially addicted to what has become an increasingly pricey habit,” – tea drinking. What I’m curious about; why is tea not grown in Pakistan? Anyone know the answer? Another interesting tidbit, tea drinking isn’t all about the harmony of tea there it seems:

    “Targeted attacks and extortion aren’t the only dangers associated with tea; despite its reputation as a gentle social vehicle, tea drinking in Pakistan can turn contentious. Zafar Baloch, who handles political affairs for one of the city’s crime syndicates, says fights over tea are “routine.” Oh dear. Read the post, it’s worth it!


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    Fights over tea :(

    And @jackie you created a new forum for your article.

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    @xavier No idea why it says that. It is in the correct board, and there is no “Tea in Pakistan” board, so that’s odd. I did write it from the backend this time, not here in the front, maybe that has something to do with it. But everywhere I look it lists it correctly. Oh well, well spotted.

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    Hmm. Interesting article, but it also highlights a country full of denial about it’s actual problems:

    The country’s most well-known philanthropist, Abdul Sattar Edhi, claims that Pakistan’s problems could be solved “only if people give up tea and cigarettes.” But Edhi’s pleas have fallen on deaf ears. After he made the proclamation and drove off to oversee ambulances picking up victims of the city’s daily shooting spree, I walked into his office, only to be asked by his right-hand man if I’d like a cup of tea.


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    @jackie it is in the right place now.

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