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    Pouring East Frisian teaI’ve long been fascinated by East Frisian tea and even tried to make some at one point, I’m sure I failed. There really isn’t much literature about the tea itself, usually only little blurbs in marketing materials. Here is an excellent travel article from the New York Times with what I think amounts to the finest write-ups I’ve seen about East Frisian tea. Drinking tea is about people, with the tea an accouterments - I think that’s why I like this article so much.

    In Northern Germany, a robust tea culture.

    There is also a very nice slideshow of images to accompany the article.

    One of the people mentioned in the article is Albrecht Ude, whom I am hoping that one or more of our German-speaking members will invite to join us here. I think his knowledge about tea would find a hungry audience on Tea Trade.

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    Just a quickie, haven’t read the actual article yet, got sidetracked by reading about the German guy you mentioned. Here’s a small section by Uhde in English. For those who can read German @bram @xavier this link takes you to the about him page.

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    Just read the article, it’s a lovely read. Beautifully written, it teaches you a thing or 2 or 3 about East Frisian tea. Read it @thedevotea @iheartteas @jopj @riccaicedo @lazyliteratus @amyoh and everyone else too. It talks about a little island, small tea blenders and a man who bites into his tea. I can’t remember who once wrote about East Frisian tea too, was it @lahikmajoe or @xavier? I think one of the two.

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    I think both :)

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    @bram @xavier @lahikmajoe if you blogged about East Frisian tea previously could you please drop the link in here? Thanks!

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    It was very well written and I enjoyed it. I’ve never tried German tea before, but sounds delicious.

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