• posted an update 5 days, 17 hours ago

    Did something happen. My logo spontaneously deleted itself, and all of my drafts have disappeared… Including the one I was going to post tomorrow.

    • Perhaps a software update?

      • Yeah, WordPress seems to have updated at the same time/also the Forums are now missing, I’ve just noticed. I hope maybe the drafts floating around on a server somewhere… Guess I’ll have to redo today’s

    • @xavier @supermoon10 – I have been doing some optimizations on Tea Trade recently in preparation to move it to a different server. Deleting unused blogs, user accounts that hadn’t been used in years and several gigabytes of unused images. Unfortunately, some used images got caught up in the mix (I was using an automated process – and they don’t always go well). @lazyliteratus suffered the most, which I just finished fixing.

      I need to do the move because it costs me nearly $1300 a year to keep this server online. All of the other sites I run and host have long since been moved to a different (better and far less expensive) server that I lease as part of the internet consulting work that I do. Tea Trade is the only thing left on the old server. I’m currently paying for this old server, plus the new one. I’ve been meaning to move it for a couple years now, but it is a lot of work since TT has been around since 2011. There has been a huge amount of cleaning I’ve had to do in preparation. There was a lot of “stuff” left behind that needed to be removed. Getting Tea Trade off that old server is going to save me a significant amount of money. I don’t make any money off of TT so getting it moved is kind of important – it is just so much work I haven’t got it done.

      I was going to make the move last week, but when I saw the tea expo was on, I thought I should wait until it is over so there is no interruption to anything Geoff or you all do around that. I have a lot of client work on at the moment (in addition to my day job) so I have no idea when I will ever get around to finishing the move.