The Mystery & Mastery of Member Achievements

Several weeks ago we implemented the member Achievements (Rewards) system on Tea Trade. Most of you have seen the “So & So unlocked Achievement Level X ” popping up in the Activity stream. I know there has been some confusion along with the interest in what these achievement levels mean. There were quite a few kinks and bugs to be ironed out first before finally announcing their implementation. They’re still a work in progress but then everything always is. The main issue with the Achievements was that we couldn’t reward our regular super-bloggers with the high level they had earned. That’s because every achievement started on the day we put them in place. So @sororiteasisters who have written well over 2000 blog posts recently achieved Level 1 “Getting into blogging.” It was an awkward moment.

We’re still working on a solution to that particular problem – but blogging aside every other reward is working the way it should. You can check out the full range of achievements with their corresponding levels here or in the link below.

Achievements are awarded for:

Writing blog posts     

Commenting on posts, your own and others’  

Posting updates in the Activity Stream 

Replying to status updates in the Activity Stream 

There are currently five levels for each Achievement except for blogging which has six. Six is still not sufficient for some of you, so we will look into that. There are also currently five levels for sellers, however these are manually awarded so are handled differently. We do not have an achievement in place for forum posts and replies. This is only for technical reasons, we highly encourage forum participation and will find a way to acknowledge those who participate regularly.

The point of these Achievements? We implemented them to demonstrate how much we value and recognize all your contributions in these areas. Communicating with other Tea Traders is what makes this site truly social. Commenting on your favorite blog posts here is as much encouraged as blogging. Sharing some of your news and pics via Activity Stream update is much valued, as is replying to fellow Tea Trader’s updates.

A blog is as alive as the community of tea lovers that: reads its posts – adds value by commenting – and shares them on other social networks. 

If you’re interested in seeing a list of all the achievements you or another member has already earned, go to the member profile and click on Achievements. One tip: compare your levels, is there a big discrepancy between achievements, or are they fairly even? Did you unlock a high level in one area but are still on the lower levels in another? If you weren’t aware of that, maybe worth reflecting on.

We want to thank everyone for helping us to achieve our goal – which is to make Tea Trade the number one social site for Tea talk powered by curious minds.

Tea Trade Achievements

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  1. Jackie Post author

    Update: Questions and answers provided on Tea Trade site Tea Industry Q & A are treated as blog posts and blog comments and therefore accumulate achievements accordingly. 

  2. bram

    *So, how many times do we have to reply to this post to reach the highest comment level? Only a hundred times 😉

    If the achievements get awarded to those that are here longer several of them will probably of the scale on several levels.

    What are the points for?

    1. Peter

      Points are for bragging rights for now. We wanted to bring some elements of game theory into Tea Trade and that’s a good way to do it. The program is still young so we’ll see what the future brings.

  3. Robert Godden

    I think the points system should be named after me, so The Devotea or ‘TD’ for short. For example, the maximum score is 100TD, which is for being me. A score of 50TD indicates someone is half as good as me, something which you all can aspire to with hard work.

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