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C. M. Powers

My life as a tea drinker

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When I was a child my grandmother would always have a cup of *gasp* Lipton tea with a PB & J on toast. Once day she asked me to join her and I fell in love with tea. Once I hit college I realized tea was not going to get me through the night. So I switched to the evils of coffee and stuck with that for far too long. To the point where I was suffering from the worst migraines. I am happy to say that since giving up coffee (save one cup a week ago) I have been migraine free and had no need for preventative meds!

Back to the tea…I’ve been into loose leaf teas a little over two years now and I refuse to go back to tea bags unless I have no other choice! I’ve really only ever purchased my teas from Teavana. But thanks to the wonderful tea lovers here and over on Steepster I have found there is a tea world outside of Teavana and it is amazing. I’m looking forward to drinking new teas and perhaps even blending my own!

Last but not least I am also a wife and mother to three rescued cats who keep my life interesting.

C. M. Powers

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