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  • iplaytea posted an update 6 years, 9 months ago

    Just a quick note (to self?)… Still here but must come back more often. Getting bogged down in the business(busyness) of daily life where my only time-out has been my cup of tea. My cup of tea often reminds me to come here and I gaze momentarily into the empty cup and say “Yes, tomorrow”. So cup of tea here I am, don’t scold me!

    • no scolding – assuring you, you did the right thing by popping in again 😉 Enjoy lots and lots of cups of tea, especially as they remind you of all of us. Great to hear from you. J.

  • Wow that’s fantastic I knew nothing of the American tea history aside from the Boston Tea Party and the latest hijack on google of any tea related search… the Tea Party Movement! (my google searches have started to include -party).

  • I like that! It has that vintage charm that I’m sure most will appreciate.

    Sometimes a gift doesn’t have to be useful, just a way to give a piece of yourself 🙂

  • iplaytea posted an update 6 years, 11 months ago

    Hey this is a great idea… well done! 🙂 Having a play with the Blog, I already have a blog at using Blogger but I totally hear what you’re saying about being a lone island (I think the occasional seagull lands on it). I can’t find how to mirror my existing blog, wouldn’t mind doing that for a while first then…[Read more]

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