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Leafbucks - save up to 50% on teaLast year we announced that we were looking into developing a group buying site devoted entirely to tea. We received a good amount of feedback on the topic both on our blog and in other places in the online tea community. Over the winter, we quietly put sign up page online at to begin collecting email address for this. The response has been terrific.

Win a new teapot

Due the enthusiastic response, we are moving forward with this and have begun work on building the new website. Right now, as part of the pre-launch promotion for Leafbucks we are giving away a beautiful Solo Eva Teapot (worth about $120 US). In order to be eligible to win, you simply need to share your email address with us at You can earn extra entries into the drawing by sharing your unique link to Leafbucks. When one of your friends or followers also shares their email address, you get an extra contest entry!

Here’s a promo video showing this elegant prize:

Online stores and brick-and-mortar

Initially, we will be offering deals from online stores. As Leafbucks grows, we will be adding the capacity for your local tea shops to also run deals with us so that you’ll be able to buy deals for shops in your town or city. Our plan is to become the default online location to look for big savings on tea.

Merchants wanted

If you own or represent an existing tea company and are looking for a partner to run a group deal buying campaign, please contact us. We would love for you to be part one of our first merchants.

How is Leafbucks going to be different than Groupon?

One of the biggest things we are going to to do differently is that we are going to let you keep more of your money. Groupon takes 50% of each sale and holds on to your money for another 7 days after the deal closes, and holds onto your final payment for 30 days.

With Leafbucks, your money is going to be available immediately, so you can start filling your orders with actual money available to you instead of having to finance those orders yourself, like a Groupon deal makes you do. Once the deal closes, and we collect the money from the customers, we send your share, 60%, directly on to you.

You also will get the added benefit of targeted marketing. Leafbucks is going online right in the middle of an active group of online tea shoppers, influencers and writers who have a broad reach across their social landscape, giving you broader reach as they share your deals to their friends, followers and readers.

Coming Soon

We don’t have a launch date, building this kind of website is a pretty technical process and we want to get all the bugs worked out, but we are actively working on it. In the meantime, sign up to win a great prize and spread the word to your favorite merchants and ask them to get in touch with us at Tea Trade so we can get their deals setup and in place!


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