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Tea Trade lets you host your tea-related blog where it matters most – in a community of passionate tea writers and content producers.

We want to host your tea-related blog on the Tea Trade network. Whether you want to start a new website to share your thoughts about tea, or if you’ve been blogging for years and reviewing teas on a regular basis. Tea Trade can give you the opportunity share your ideas and passion about tea where it matters.

Start a new tea blog

If you love tea, and you want to share your passion with the world, hosting a blog at Tea Trade is a great way to do it. You’ll get a fully-featured website that you can customize and call your own.

Import your existing blog

If you already have a tea blog hosted by, Blogger, Blogspot, or virtually any other popular blogging platform, we can help you move your blog to Tea Trade. We will support you in your move – you can even keep your unique domain name if you have one. If you don’t, you’ll get an address like

We will support you in theming and customizing your blog to meet your needs, whether you want to keep things the same, something similar, or refresh it to something entirely new. We will help you every step of the way.

If you want to to host your blog at Tea Trade, send an email to info @ for more details.

It’s free!

Hosting your blog at Tea Trade is free, we offer premium paid services to bloggers who want more but basic blogging will always will be free. We are committed to creating a robust, dynamic and individulized community of tea bloggers.

There is so much great writing and tea-related content on the internet, we wanted to give it a place to call home. Tea Trade is the best network for hosting any tea-related blog.

Host your blog where it matters

By hosting your blog on the Tea Trade network, your voice will be heard in the place where it matters most – near and around the place where people are buying and selling tea. Your reviews, commentary, opinions, and wisdom about tea, will be promoted and endorsed by Tea Trade, giving you the exposure you want – and the conversation you desire.

By joining our network, you can be part of the largest, interconnected group of tea-related writers and content producers ever created. Being part of our network puts you at the heart of the online conversation about tea, in the place where your contributions and input will have the biggest impact.

The Tea Trade network is not an association, blogger’s group, blogring or blogroll – it is an interactive, robust and powerfully connected network of blogs and websites. By hosting tea-related blogs on this network, blogs are no longer isolated out on the internet. Instead, they become connected to each other, more accessible to readers and fans, and have greater impact because of their proximity to the larger conversation.

Existing users can click here to create a blog. If you need a new account, you can get that here and create a blog at the same time.

The Tea Trade community and blogging platform is powered by WordPress, the most advanced, multi-site blogging system available.