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    When did you start drinking tea and made it stick for you?

    What kind of teas did you start with and how did you transition to what you drink now (if it is different)?
    I started drinking tea the way I do these days because of Jackie so I blame her for me wanting to create this website… (I’ll go into how I started drinking tea after a few responses!) 
  • Was a coffee drinker when I married.

    At first, I brewed tea for my wife, then I’d periodically take a sip, and finally I’d share a pot.  Now I’m the tea obsessive here, and she relies on me exclusively to make the tea recommendations.
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    I used to drink tea when I was a child, then I stopped but I started again later.

  • I started drinking bag tea in high school thanks to an obsession for all things British. In my early twenties I went through a really difficult time with my grandfather being sick & dying. For some reason, I turned to loose leaf tea as a crutch.

  • Started drinking tea when I was 15 because of a sore throat. Became addicted and, well, the rest is evident through my blog 😉

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    When my daughter was born her nap time became my tea time. A chance to reflect on the joys and wonders of motherhood.

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  • @Jackie Thanks! Yes the story of my ridiculous antics continues on! :)

  • I drank ‘tea’ from my high school days at the early iteration of Tea House Guan Yin in Seattle. Pots of herbal infusions like World Peace until all hours. It wasn’t until I moved to Japan that I became truly interested in Tea. Studying Japanese in the mountains of Gifu I was introduced to a local tea mistress and started studying under her. Not speaking much Japanese at that point, it was difficult to say the least, but I soon learned more about tea than I thought existed. From there I found Dong Ding and the Taiwanese teas. Then I was introduced to the world of Puer and the trap was set. I am now captivated by the world of tea and infatuated with the ever more complex puer niche.

  • Looking forward to the Peter response.

  • Sorry for joining the topic so late, I can’t resist reading and writing on forums!
    When I was in college I took a Japanese class just for fun. I eventually became obsessed with Japanese culture, and once I graduated I went to study in Japan for a year.
    That was when I really got into green tea. I still dream of living in Japan someday…

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    It’s never too late for any topic, glad you revisited it @riccaicedo – Do you speak/read some Japanese then?
    We were just given some Sencha, straight from Japan but that’s all I know about it and can read – maybe I should see if I can post a pic.

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    A bit like me.

  • Not sure when I first sipped tea. Each time I drink tea it is like having a mini vacation. I love the velvety taste of tea steeped with loose leaves. I love the way the leaves dance in the cup and float in a glass teapot. They float as I float enjoying the first few sips, dreaming of creativitea and life. Tea fills my mind with goodness. I adore how tea makes conversations flow like a river, and how it inspires my pen to dance across a page.

  • I didn’t used to like tea … back when I thought tea = bagged tea from the grocery store. That’s probably because tea didn’t really come into my home until I was eight years old, after my father married a horrible woman. She brought with her three children and a house full of wares including a box of tea. That same box of tea was still in the house when I moved out of the household ten years later. (By the way, the fact that she had bad taste in tea was not the reason why she was horrible. It just sort of emphasizes it though, doesn’t it? LOL)

    So, that was my whole experience with tea up until that point, except for the occasional glass of sun tea when I happened to be visiting my paternal grandmother’s house (my beloved gramma) – the sun tea was actually quite lovely, but other than that, the only time I drank tea growing up was when I wanted something hot to drink for my sore throat.

    However, I always loved tea sets. I collected them as a child, and once grown, I started up collecting them again because they were something from my childhood that gave me joy. Once I had a rather large collection of mini tea sets, I started collecting full-sized teacups and saucers … and eventually, I decided that I might like to drink something from them. I visited a tea house and tried loose leaf for the first time and I loved it.

    But, at that time, I was a coffee drinker, so I was only the occasional tea drinker … drinking it only when I had a chance to visit a tea house because I didn’t think I could recapture that flavor at home properly. Eventually, though, I came to realize that coffee was making me sick. I’d start each day with a cup of coffee and by 11 am I was feeling quite nauseous. I quit drinking coffee but still needed something to help me gain some sense of alertness, so I started drinking chai lattes. Since I had the local coffee house make these for me, they were too sweet, so I started looking for better alternatives … and eventually started really discovering tea.

    Before that, the only tea I had at home was a chocolate tea blend that a local (well, local at the time) antique shop crafted. When they went out of business, I was out of my tea, so as I was at my “discovering tea” point, I was also in need of a good chocolate tea blend, so I started also learning everything I could about flavoring and blending teas so that I could recreate that chocolate blend. I ended up not just recreating it, but, making something even better. :)

    Which is how LiberTEAS got started.

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    @riccaicedo I agree with @jackie it is never too late to bring forward old posts.

  • My grandmother got me started drinking bagged Lipton or Salada tea. She put a lot of milk and sugar in those first cups we shared. We always had pb&j on toast too. It was our “thing” when she visited in the summer. Then I sort of forgot about tea when I was in college. Coffee got me through the late nights of putting off papers and projects till the last minute.

    But when my husband was living with his college buddies before we were married one of them made me a cup of loose leave tea. It was from Teavana (I want to say aztec fire and mate vana) and I was in love with tea from then on. Thankfully I found places like Tea Trade and Steepster which lead to better tea and more tea friends.

  • I went to great lengths to tell my tea story recently  here:

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    @ricanstruction Welcome to this community. It’s really interesting to hear each person’s story. Some have been drinking for decades and some are still new to the leaf. It’s nice to see there are so many tea drinkers – and it’s lovely getting to know them cup by cup.

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    @ricanstruction tea parties? I never had one.

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