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    New contraption on a mission to make your tea brewing a little more theatrical. Don’t have enough drama in your life? Cambridge professors plan on infusing your daily ritual with the excitement of watching your tea leaves swirl. It’s riveting and it makes your tea awfully luxurious. Not sure that I buy that. Or that I’d actually buy that:


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    Looks like a strange lab machine in a typical college science lab. Not sure, I’d want that to make my tea, I’d keep thinking of algae compositions, cell structures and the possibility that its mixing together some new toxic substance…

  • I understand that people love the convenience of their tea makers, but it’s just not me. For me, the tea making process is a big part of my enjoyment. I am always on the lookout for easy brewing techniques. My latest is to use my Tea Traveler for steeping. I add the leaves and water. I love watching the leaves unfurl and spread out since the container is clear. Then I just pour through the strainer at the top into a teacup. I get to really see the tea, can drink out of a nicer cup, and clean up is easy. I’m not sure how a tea maker would simplify this any!

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    @teapages – Given how you describe your enjoyment of the tea making process, I would guess that the Breville tea maker (modern wonder that it is) is not for you. What about something manual, yet very elegant – the French Press – something I’ve called before The best modern method for brewing tea.

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    I don’t get how it is supposed to work.

  • The Breville is lovely, but I really think I like the simple ways. Although I wouldn’t turn my nose up at the Zojrushi water dispenser. ;)

    We have a French Press for coffee, but I’m not sold on its advantages for steeping tea. It seems like something else to clean when a simple glass vessel and strainer do the trick. I’ll go read your link now though. Maybe you’ll win me over.

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