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    Hello everyone,

    One of the winners of Best New Products of the 2013 World Tea Expo goes to THE BKON TX – a slick machine that brews your tea in vacuum.

    This has got me thinking if there is any other technology geared toward the brewing side of the tea.

    I believe technology has gone a long way for both farming and processing sides of tea, but what about the brewing?




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    Brewing? The Breville One Touch (or whatever its name and brand are).

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    Ah .. Breville 🙂

    I have seen people brewing tea with Espresso machine both in Japan and Taiwan.

    What do you think of that?

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    They are desperate?

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    @chbenchen That Bkon device is interesting. I like how they call vacuum brewing negative atmospheric pressure in their marking materials. I recognize the application of technology, but I wonder how far different (other than a mechanized process) it is from a traditional vacuum brewer. I’ve certainly thought about buying to brew my tea just to watch it work.

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    @bram – one of the tea store owner in Taiwan told me that brewing with an espresso machine helps connect the ‘tea’ and the ‘drinking,’ to be honest to this date I have a hard time understanding it. Oddly enough, with my recent visit to the World Tea Expo in Japan, I again run into another store owner who is doing the exact same thing.

    @peter – Thanks very much! Perhaps the Bkon is designed for commercial purpose? I am very much interested in trying out the vacuum brewer you mentioned. But I assume it would not work well for Japanese Sencha …

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