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    Is this whacky or is there something about it that I haven’t worked out yet?

    When it’s on all members, once in a while I’ll get a new activity story about something that doesn’t seem to be recent at all. Like for example right now when the top story is a blog post which appears to have been posted at the end of March. I’ve seen it happen a few times before and I can’t work out what’s going on with that.

    Is it a glitch or does it have something to do with editing or something? Right now I find it quite confusing.

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    It happens with the blog posts and products. Whenever the writer goes back in an edits it (it actually happens whenever it is resaved) the system updates the activity stream. It can be annoying, but I’ve found that it has its uses (to promote an older post or a product, for example). The activity stream record updates the item with a new timestamp based on the resave. I agree that its confusing, but I go back and forth on it when it comes to changing it or not, because I often see a use for it. Even typing this I feel undecided about it.

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    I think if it said in the activity stream that it had been edited rather than posted it would make more sense, but if that’s not possible, then it’s not possible. Nothing to do about that.

    I agree though, that it can be practical. If the poster edits, maybe to add something extra to their post, it’s nice that people are actually made aware of this.

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