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    I’m a bit disappointed about one of the members of this site (Healthy Professionals), just wondering if anyone else has noticed this behaviour?

    A week or two ago, I was looking through my twitter feed (@minrivertea) and saw a tweet from @FoodBlogTeaShow saying (paraphrasing) “any dumb tea company that doesn’t follow us…be prepared to fail”. As a small tea business owner (and I think an honest person who loves tea) it’s not the kind of thing I want in my twitter feed. So, I Unfollowed.

    This week, I was mentioned in one of their tweets. It said:

    “Has anyone had this ? It tastes like crap!!!

    Now,  I know for a fact that they’ve never tried my tea, never ordered it, and never been sent any by me. I don’t even deliver to the US (yet). So, these guys are slating my business publicly, to the whole tea community, without ever having once tried my tea, or even spoken to me?

    Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, and I’d be happy to get their genuine opinion on my tea, whenever they are happy to order some.

    Overall, I’ve been supremely impressed by the community of tea bloggers and businesses out there – I’d hope that anyone else who feels that this is not really acceptable behaviour in our community might let them know, either by tweeting disapproval, or contacting them directly and making that clear. I really appreciate your help.

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    Anonymous @

    WE ACTUALLY HAVE TRIED YOUR TEA, and we will stand by our statements. Are you asking the good people of Tea Trade to punish us?

    Thanks to everyone who HAS supported The Tea Show, and I’m sorry that @minrivertea decided to air their dirty laundry here… 🙁


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    Thank you for deleting the tweet Brian. That’s much appreciated.

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    Anonymous @

    Oh, I didn’t. Tweets disappear after a certain number of days…


    Which is why it’s unfortunate that you’re doing this here, on a catalogged website.

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    Right, it seems you haven’t – that’s disappointing. Brian, I’m pretty confident that you’ve never tried my tea, but I’m willing to be corrected. I’d be happy to accept any evidence that you have tried it – an orderID, a Paypal transaction ID that I can cross-reference, even a photo of you with the original packaging. Send it to me privately if you want. If you can provide that, I’ll accept your judgement of my teas and we can call it a day.

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    Anonymous @

    Many years ago, whilst wandering through (whatever province of China it was that you get your tea), I met an old, wise man. He taught me much of life.

    In particular, I’ll never forget that magical day when he walked me to my first day of school. He carried my bag the whole way down the country road – whistling all the while. Then, once we had finally arrived, I exclaimed, “Wise man, I am so nervous!”, and he could clearly see me shaking as I reached for my school bag. He did nothing more than hand me a single sachet of tea (from that province that you say your tea’s from). I steeped it up between cookie and nap time and found it to be the most awful tea that I’ve ever tasted.

    I will never forget that wise, old man – nor that terrible tea.

    ^You can take this as my review if you like^

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    Brian, I spend months of the year travelling around the Fujian Province in
    China (where I live, permanently) sourcing great teas that are
    affordable, and come from good farms using traditional methods. My tea
    doesn’t come in sachets – it’s loose-leaf. Quality is exceptionally
    important to me personally, and our many satisfied customers in the UK
    will attest to that. My whole business is built around honesty, good customer service and the quality of our teas.

    I’d really appreciate it if next time you want to post flippant negative comments on Twitter about any tea company, you actually buy their tea, or take the time to contact the owner up front and ask for a sample for review.

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    Anonymous @

    Lol, first of all – My angry tweet at wasn’t directed towards you in first place.

    You Unfollowed me. I insulted your tea. Now go away. I’m not too sure what you’re trying to accomplish here?

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    You run a blog reviewing teas – it’s fine that you can earn money through your blog, but there’s an assumption that you are being open, reliable and honest when you make judgements on the quality of a tea. It’s an insult to other tea reviewers and bloggers out there to be anything else.

    Instead, you passed your opinion on my teas, without having ever tried them, simply because I unfollowed you on Twitter. All I’m trying to accomplish is to defend an insult to the quality of my teas, and to the months and months of dedicated effort I put into sourcing them.

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    Anonymous @

    Dude, we make like $5 a week in ad revenue that only comes from views in the USA, and we do about 6 hours of work for each sample of tea. Also, I make it clear that we’re a tea-TASTING show. You’ll notice that we don’t pass judgement on the show – we just talk about what it tastes like, but I do pass judgement on people who piss me off on Twitter.

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    “You unfollowed me so I decided to be a total douche.” Brian, you are a joke.

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    Anonymous @

    Well, im too far from the whole situation but i can admit only two points.

    a)One`s man “bad” rewiev can never hurt a reputation of a good companyquality teas distributor. So, #minrivertea , you have your right to be angry anf frustrated, but dont worry about you reputation.

    b) Reviewers who judge about a tea quality from the point of someone`s followunfollow in twitter is… well such people earn 5bucks a week. Period.

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