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What is Tea Trade all about?

Tea Trade is a host for tea blogs, tea-related websites, and tea stores. It is all built around a fun social experience that lets everyone easily connect with everyone else.

The Marketplace is filled with products placed for sale on our members websites, and the Marketplace gives you an easy place to shop from many different sellers. It's a bit like Etsy, except everything is about tea.

Isn’t it just another place to list a blog?

No. Unlike other websites, Tea Trade doesn't just list a bunch of blogs; its not a blog list, a blogroll or a directory. Tea Trade the actual network where they are a hosted. Because its a network, it lets all the bloggers stay connected and in touch with each other. Bloggers and websites on our network get lots of comments because Tea Trade is such an active community.

Why would I put my blog on Tea Trade? What’s in it for me?

Currently tea blogs are spread out all over the net. That means it's not easy for someone to find you. If you don't remind people where you blog, few people will bother to look for you, and even fewer will stumble upon you by chance.

Far too often, you'll find that you diligently write a blog, but nobody ever looks at it. You're pretty much on your little bloggy island, with no visitors coming your way.

If you join a network of tea bloggers, there is strength in numbers. We hope that you will reach out to more bloggers, and more will reach out to you. What's the point in thinking only our own blogs matters, if everyone else feels the same about theirs.

I want to start a tea blog. Why here? Why not Blogspot or WordPress.com?

Blogspot and WordPress.com weren't built for tea bloggers.

Unlike Tea Trade it wasn't created because it cares for tea, or for what you have to say about it. It's just a platform and you happen to be on it, along with all those others who have nothing in common with you at all. Your blog is just one of many in a group of millions of many other types and topics. On Tea Trade, your blog instantly becomes part of a greater community of tea lovers, bloggers, writers, and entrepreneurs.

What’s this Marketplace thing, just another place to buy and sell tea?

No, because there is no other place like it. You can buy and sell tea on Etsy, or Ebay, or Artfire but they are not dedicated to tea. Tea Trade is for individuals and companies wanting to sell tea.

If you have tea in your pantry you don't like, try selling it here. Listing is free and you can keep it up for as long as you like. That's unlike most other places where tea can be sold.

If you're a company, you might have overflow, or small amounts of tea you want to sell that don't suit your sales strategy. Sell them on Tea Trade under your company's name, or even your own. That aside, Tea Trade is one more place customers might stumble upon your tea. We even have plans to offer a Pro-level, white-label service where you can setup a store on Tea Trade, where you can maintain complete control of your brand, while getting all the benefits of being part of the Tea Trade community and Marketplace.

Are you going to make big bucks off me?

No, though we aren't going to complain.

Basic blogging on Tea Trade is free and always will be. Operating a store on Tea Trade requires you to be part of our Tea Trader program, which is an affordable, paid membership. We also currently take 6% of each transaction that occurs. These fees help us cover the costs of hosting a network this size and go toward developing new and fantastic services.

Anything I can do to increase my sales?

Yes, promote your offers.

On Facebook, Twitter, your own website, wherever you have a suitable audience. You are in the tea business now! There is a lot you can do socially online to market and promote your products.

Do we need PayPal accounts to use the Marketplace?

Buyers don't, sellers do.

A PayPal account is not needed to make purchases. At checkout, buyers will be given the option to pay with an existing PayPal account or a credit card.

When Sellers setup a new store, they will be asked to enter their PayPal email address in their store settings. This is the default payment gateway that we use for all transactions on the Tea Trade Network.

Development us under way for those sellers who wish to use alternate payments such as Authorize.net, or others.

How long do sellers have to send the product?

Sellers should process orders and ship the purchases as soon as reasonably possible. Sellers will receive an email from the Marketplace and from PayPal that an order has been made. Sellers are encouraged to maintain good communications with their buyers. Buyers get an automated email receipt from the marketplace, but sellers should also communicate via email when products are shipped and notify the buyer the method they were shipped by.

What if I don’t receive my tea?

If a buyer doesn't receive their purchase they should contact the seller right away and give them an opportunity to figure out what went wrong. If the seller is not able to resolve the issue, buyers should use PayPal's Resolution Center

A PayPal account is required to use the Resolution Center, but all customers can request PayPal make an inquiry.

Does Tea Trade guarantee the sales?

No. Tea Trade provides the marketplace and the technology for the sales to take place. We do conduct regular audits to verify that products are presented according to our guidelines to improve quality. For more information about this see out Terms and Conditions.

Do you have a return policy?

Terms and conditions of individual sales are the responsibility of the sellers. They are encouraged to be clear about this on their product pages.

Additionally, Tea Trade is considered a Third-Party market so it is important for buyers to understand that a significant portion of offerings are going to be resale items from individual consumers who may not be willing to accept return items. View our Terms and Conditions

How is sales tax handled?

Sales tax is handled by the individual seller when they setup their store.

It, of course, varies by location depending on what state or country the seller is located in. Taxes will be applied during the checkout process based on your shipping information and the seller's location. If you have additional questions about sales taxes please contact the individual site owners.

Why PayPal?

PayPal is perhaps the most advanced, user-friendly and most accessible payment processor on the internet today. They maintain a secure and robust API for authentication and for processing payments. PayPal also has the largest support for any international currency transaction available.

PayPal enables commerce exchages to be more universal because it can be accessed by individuals and companies alike. PayPal also offers a reliable Dispute Resolution facility to support and protect sales between individuals and small companies.

We do intend to offer payment gateways other than PayPal for our Professional-level Tea Traders. Tea Trader Pro is still in development.

Why did you develop Tea Trade?

We love tea - we've been tea drinkers for a long time. In our mind, not enough people share our passion, at least not in the United States. We want to encourage tea drinking, and to bring together those, who already do. Leafbox Tea was our first online tea community. A year later, after learning a lot, we wanted to create more, and develop a much larger site and community to get more tea people involved. A site where lovers of the leaf can buy, sell and blog their tea: Tea Trade.

watching the site grow, meeting tea lovers, and devoloping a marketplace for our favorite drink is incredibly rewarding. We are passionate about tea drinking, without passion and dedication this site would never have been created.

If I have a blog on another site can I link it here?

No, you can't.

We offer full hosting for blogs, not linking. Linking is what happens in blog rolls, directories and lists. Tea Trade is none of those. Tea Trade is an entirely integrated network where the blogs, their posts and comments are tracked by powerful software on the main site and displayed dynamically. This goes beyond adding a link or RSS feed to a directory, changes you make to your blog posts and comments are updated and tracked - so that as you try to make everything perfect, your efforts are updated and maintained.

It is the integrated nature of Tea Trade that makes hosting your blog here so special. You will also find that because Tea Trade is such an active community, you will get more comments and more traffic.

How do I set up a Tea Trade store?

Setting up a Tea Trade store is easy and quick. Set up costs start at as low as $1.67 a month.

Once you have your site set up, or if you already have one just follow these next few steps:

  • Click the Dashboard link at the top of your site
  • In the left hand column click Tea Trader Upgrade.
  • Then select the upgrade option you prefer.

Upgrading gives you access to the marketplace software, as well as premium themes for your store. You can choose between monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions. $3.50 gives you one month, $6 three months, and $20 a whole year. Signing up for one year saves $22 over selecting the one month option. Costs for the annual upgrade is $1.67 month. The upgrade check-out is handled by PayPal.

You are now ready to start entering your products! Don't forget to choose a theme for your store which you will find under "Appearance" in the left hand column of your dashboard.

How do I transfer from Blogspot/Blogger?

Check out the tutorial on the best way to this here: http://teatra.de/importing-a-blog-from-blogger/

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