Downtime, fixing it, and the future

This week, Tea Trade outgrew its previous home and needed a bigger house with more rooms. The server on which Tea Trade lived up until Monday morning was limited in both power and space. While we knew that we needed to move to a bigger server soon, Tea Trade’s growth in membership, and blogs in the last few weeks pushed us over the limit. So we needed to upgrade to a larger server. Over the last couple of days we have gone through several attempts to migrate Tea Trade to its new server. After various efforts by our hosting technicians, we were able to get control of things using our own backup to get things going.

This is what happened

The techs contacted us on Monday that we needed a bigger, more powerful server. So we purchased one, they set it up and assured us they would handle the migration. I know these guys are skilled and knowledgeable, because I’ve seen them work before, but for some reason every time they tried to move us, there were complications. After almost 3 days of trying to get it right, I took control of it and worked a restoration. Fortunately, it worked wonderfully and the result was a flawless restoration of Tea Trade and all its parts. Except for one thing…

Since the techs were working, our nightly backup system wasn’t running and some new posts (and one new blog) couldn’t be retrieved. Once we got Tea Trade working again, we quickly moved to restore those updates that were posted yesterday, (after our backup). Now, everything looks great and things are working as they should.

The server and the future

Our new server has some real juice to it. In fact, we could triple in size before we need to adjust it again. The better news is that, in tech speak, the server is scale-able. That means, when the time comes that we need more space or power, it’s a simple matter of adding it to make it that way–without any offline time. It is, however, expensive.

What you can do to help

In order to have this server, our hosting costs are now four times more expensive than they were previously. So this is where you come in. You can support Tea Trade by becoming a Tea Trader and selling some tea, we make money when you make money. You can simply sell it from your kitchen, or you can innovate and create an entirely new brand of teas usingTea Trade to get your start (we’re very much in support of tea entrepreneurs.) The tea you sell helps offset some of the operating costs.

Also, if you’re hankering after a blog, or online tea store that is more elaborate, you can hire us to design and build it for you. As a Tea Trade member, I will custom build you a website (blog or tea store) for hundreds of dollars less than you would pay a typical freelancer to custom build your own online store. You win by getting a custom-built site you can be proud of, we win because having you as a client helps support Tea Trade. In the end, everybody wins because Tea Trade continues to be a special place where tea lovers can learn, read, talk about and buy tea from people they care about in a community that matters. 

We thank everyone for their support, be it as bloggers, sellers, contributors, or readers.You all make Tea Trade the great site it is.


Peter Davenport is one of the founders of Tea Trade. In addition to building, enhancing and supporting Tea Trade and its members, he studies Business Administration and Management at American Public University with a focus on Entrepreneurial Studies and Enterprises.

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  1. Rachana (Rachel) Carter

    Thanks for all the hard work @Peter and @Jackie I have to admit I was getting a bit nervous. Glad to see that things are back and running. I can tell you’ve got more under the hood now. Things are moving fast for me. I hope to continue to sell more of my tea and tea inspired goodies here on Tea Trade. I hope I’m doing my part to help the community grow. I want you guys around forever. 🙂

  2. thedevotea

    Great efforts in fixing these problems, Pete, and I’m happy to attest to your service and abilities. That’s why we are entrusting Tea Trade as our foundation as we move from one tea shop to six worldwide (three retail, three wholesale). I’d also encourage others to have a premium account.

  3. jopj

    Great job and perseverance. Glad you were able to get things running smoothly again.

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