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Collar City Teas

My life as a tea drinker

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I’m a tea drinker, wife, and “mother” to three cats (all rescues). I live and work in Upstate New York and am loving every crazy minute of it!

Collar City Teas was founded by Courtney M. Powers in December 2011.

The city of Troy has been known as the Collar City due to its long history in the production of shirts, collars, and other textiles. With such a rich history in textiles I felt it only fitting to add “Collar City” as an element of the company name.

Collar City Teas is located in downtown Troy, on historic River Street inside Re:Vision Designs (also home to Enchanté Teas). The space offers a small boutique, art gallery (with monthly openings), seating, free wifi, and of course the two tea brands!

The hope for Collar City Teas is that it will bring local residents their favorite teas as well as new blends with a slight twist. The twist? All teas will be named after legends and locations in The Collar City! Most teas are named for the region they are from. But we thought it would be fun to name them after local legends and places and each tea purchase will come with a mini card describing the legend or location your tea is named after!

Collar City Teas

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