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  • cindyt posted an update 7 years ago

    Aged baozhong this morning..

    • Sounds lovely. Who did you buy it from?

    • Got it from Taiwan. 🙂

      • Do you have a picture of it? It is rare to find a good aged baozhong!

        • Sorry that was the last bit I have, so I am not able to get a picture. This one is definitely decent, nicely roasted and has the typical fruitiness/finish of baozhong. Which (from where) aged baozhong have you tried?

          • I tried a TenRen aged baozhong, but it just didn’t match up to what I thought it would be. I tried a very good one at some classes I took through the Specialty Tea Institute, but I do not know where it is from…

  • cindyt posted an update 7 years ago

    Looking for a small (~120) white gaiwan.

    • Cindy: while there are a lot of different online vendors that can sell you a gaiwan, I recommend visiting a local Asian Mall and seeing if they have a tea shop there… I bought my favorite gaiwan there for just 3 or 4 dollars… much less than a typical online merchant will charge.

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