About peter

Peter Davenport is one of the founders of Tea Trade. In addition to building, enhancing and supporting Tea Trade and its members, he studies Business Administration and Management at American Public University with a focus on Entrepreneurial Studies and Enterprises.

Sororitea Sisters join the Tea Trade Network

The prolific tea bloggers, LiberTeas and TeaEqualsBliss, have moved their tea review blog, Sororiteasisters.com, onto the Teatra.de blog network. Sororiteasisters was founded in January 2010 and has become one of the most prolific tea blogs in recent years by compiling over 2000 individual tea reviews by the two writers LiberTeas (Anne) and TeaEqualsBliss (Jennifer). Their […]

Using WordPress: Adding Posts

Posts are the heart and soul of any blog. Below is a short video tutorial to help you get familiar with posting articles. This video introduces users to: The Post > Add New menu item The Editor, the categories module and the publish module Adding a title, adding your content to the visual editor, changing […]

The marketplace is open to the public

After some deliberation, we’ve decided to go ahead an open the marketplace fully. We’ve had some good support from tea community members and the first sale was made yesterday. Everyone who has tea, whether they are a vendor or an individual, is welcome to list teas in the marketplace and participate. The sales fee is […]

What will happen to my blog?

The question has come up a few times in conversations about access to blogs. More specifically, is Tea Trade seeking to control the blogs, access to them or their content? The answer is no. We have no editorial interest in controlling the blogs hosted on the network. The only requirement is that they be occasionally […]

Tea Trade has entered Beta!

We are thrilled to announce that Tea Trade is finally ready to move forward into an official Beta status! We are pleased to announce that our e-commerce partner Tinypay.me has provided us with an innovative e-commerce platform that will help Tea Trade become one of the best places for buying and selling tea online. Through […]

Importing a blog from Blogger

Many of you are currently hosting your tea blogs on Blogger, Google’s blogging platform. It’s a good place to host blogs in general, however, since Tea Trade is a niche blogging community, it is a far better place to host your tea blog. A big part of Tea Trade is giving tea bloggers and writers […]

Welcome to Tea Trade

This actually the first post on the Official Tea Trade Blog. We are kind of excited about that, because its another sign that this awesome project is moving forward. Today, we uploaded 150+ themes into the system. What this means is that we can now properly start hosting tea blogs. All you have to do […]