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  • angrboda posted an update 6 years ago

    We’ve been watching a BBC series about China, a mix of nature documentary and anthropology. Today’s episode was about Fujian and Dr Right commented that they must have made it specifically for me. Especially with the close-ups of the leaves being picked and some of the processing. Made me a cup of Bai Lin immediately afterwards.

  • angrboda posted an update 6 years ago

    Breakfast pancakes and Lapsang Souchong – A combination to be reckoned with!

  • angrboda became a registered member 6 years ago

    • Welcome here but – uhm – should I be worried about the meaning of your avatar? 🙂

      • Erm… In what way worried? I don’t get it…

        Also, wait a minute! Hilsen? You wouldn’t happen to have some Scandinavian connections, would you?


        • From Wikipedia: “In Norse mythology, Angrboða – Old Norse “the one who brings grief” or “she-who-offers-sorrow”
          Jo, familien har et sommerhus på Fyn..

          • and I’m not exactly fluent myself 🙂

            • Sejt. 🙂

              Ah, okay. I thought you meant Sleipnir, which was chosen as an icon to fit the Norse origins of the name. I chose that one because I wanted a Norse one and when I saw this one I just thought ‘Yes.’ before even checking the meaning. She’s relatively obscure.

            • Peter replied 6 years ago

              Don’t let @jackie fool you @angrboda – she’s more modest than she should be. Speaks four languages, Danish being one of them. Having you here will be good practice for her!

              Welcome to Tea Trade, its nice to have another long-time tea activist and influencer here!

              • Well, I only do 2½ myself. If that much. I’m being generous counting my German as a whole half. :p Never got further than learning a lot of words but not really how to make a sentence. But if you think she needs practise, shall I just make it a rule to only address her in Danish. 😀

                And thank you (both, how rude of me to not have said so above…[Read more]

                • Did you plan to bring in Huginn and Muginn?

                  • I really didn’t get that @xavier until I googled it

                  • when I was searching for a suitably Norse icon, I was actually considering them first. I would still like to be able to find a good Norse one that wasn’t borrowed from a museum. Or just one that was found in, you know, MY country. This one is from a rune stone found in Sweden. But apart from that it had all the things I was looking for really, and…[Read more]

  • In the beginning over on Steepster I did a bit. Mostly because I was very conscious of the risk of flaunting my own ignorance with some sort of stupid, wrong statement.
    After a little while though, I realised […]

  • angrboda posted an update 6 years ago

    I assume I’ll work out what I’m doing eventually. (Although I haven’t worked it with most other things in life, so I don’t know why I would make such an assumption)

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