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Adding pull quotes to your blog posts lets you highlight your phrases and adds visual interest. pull quote is a quotation or excerpt from your post that is in a larger or offset typeface in the post. Pull quotes meant to entice your readers and to highlight a key topic. One way to add them is as a blockquote. Your Tea Trade, WordPress-powered, blog lets you do this by selecting the desired text and using the blockquote button your editor toolbar when writing a post.

Choose from thousands of backgrounds

That’s all very nice, but these days, a growing fad on Pinterest is to share images of beautifully presented quotations. Tea Trade bloggers now have available, with an upgraded website account, the ProQuoter plugin. ProQuoter lets you dynamically create awesome quotation-based images that are perfect for sharing on Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook.

Creating an image is simple. After you’ve activated the plugin, the next time you go write a post you’ll have two new buttons in your editor’s toolbar. The buttons are to align the image left or right and clicking one brings up a dialog box. Simply highlight the text you want to use and click one of the toolbar buttons. You can then enter the author attribution and selection of images will be dynamically created for you. You can literally browse through thousands of possibilities that combine unique fonts, colors and background images.

The ProQuoter toolbar buttons

ProQuoter is a Premium Plugin available only for upgraded websites

To use ProQuote, upgrade your blog or website to a Tea Trader account, then activate it on your website’s Plugins page. Not only will your upgrade give you access to this cool plugin, but also several more that you can use to enhance to your website. Here are some of the other premium plugins we offer:

  • Simple Lightbox, which automatically displays images on your website in beautiful overlay (click one of the images to see how a lightbox works.
  • Custom CSS, if you know CSS, you can change the look of your theme to just what you want.
  • WordPress SEO, perhaps one of the most powerful premium plugins we offer, it helps you optimize your website for search engines and Google to help you get found and achieve better search engine rankings.
A Premium Plugin

Use ProQuoter to add beautiful pull quotes and create unique quotation images. These can be shared on Pinterest or Twitter to help you create engaging links back to your blog or website.


  1. Robert Godden

    *Oh Wow!

    I have so much to say, and now I can say it bigger.

    Especially as the quotes on the theme I use are a little lacklustre.

    Watch out world!

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